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Monday, October 12, 2009

This is a perfect example of economic animating... OR a combination and laziness that resulted in me having to cut down on complicated scenes... either way you look at it, this is my experimental

I'll probably work on it some more afterwards but more assignments are yelling at me to finish them!

Also for those who haven't seen it yet, I've got a youtube link to a NEW proper trailer of Toy Story 3

I'd have put the embedded version onto my blog but it isn't allowed for some annoying reason


Frank said...

Hey Mitch

You're an animator! Boo-ya!

I enjoyed it. Ruff styling.

I liked the detail of the camera move effect as the bird swoops past. Nice spacing on the bird wing movements.

Some of the clip was just animating the description in the lyrics. I wonder how amazing it would have been if you animated what the singer was thinking and feeling as he presented the lyrics and visual metaphors?

I know how good you are with Flash and at what speed you can animate at. I think you have this ruff style down very well. It gets me wondering if you have the focus to produced a fully finished piece of work? Not so much this music clip, it is experimental, so a slippery slope to debate upon.

I was thinking I'd love to see another clip fully finished. Like a dialogue piece. I think Ian may have mentioned this as well, a few months back, about staying on a project through the quicksand of clean up and rendering to produce a polished animation.

The text work was well timed and spaced. Maybe apply to Animal Logic for a job, they do a lot of TV titles work, and you have some skills there.

The crumpled paper textured background made me think I was going to see a homage to Don Herzfeldt or the Brothers Macleod, for a moment. Nice effect.

I like the restraint on just using the line work as a stylistic decision for this assignment.

I think you should offer your services to local up-and-coming Brisbane bands to make a few 3 minute clips for a client practice.

What was the response from your peers and teacher about this clip?

Mitch said...

thanx Frank for the review! I think Dan probably mentioned the wiser of the critiques in class stateing that maybe if I spent more than 2 days animating this I could have possibly made something amazing... which is a very rare thing to hear from someone cinical like Dan. So I've definitly taken that into consideration.

Jane would have liked to have seen more out of the video, but she did like it never-the-less.. She'd like me to work more on it in my spare time.

I guess most people really enjoyed it.

Dialogue piece is being uploaded after this comment actually..

Anonymous said...

Loved, LOVED the animation! The way the rock falls then comes back "to stay" , the awesome way that you keep the cannonball in view as it shoots into air, and the swing of the bird flight. Yay! Awesome!

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