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Monday, February 15, 2010

Gather 'round children! Let me tell you a tale about a teenager fresh out of highschool. (well, he left highschool early to chase his dream of art and cartoons)... STILL, He was convinced that no matter how good you were at drawing or how good you were at writing stories, everyone out there has amazing potential hidden within their imagination. So he spent a few weeks interviewing many people, Friends and Family alike, and asked them about their (dream) alternative personas.
Some answered straight away, and went on about fantastic super heroes, each with imaginative powers, each with their own dash of unique flavour to them. Others he interviewed, took longer to answer, or were too serious to answer, but eventually came up with amazing stories. The longer they talked about it, the more enthusiastic they seemed towards his question. Fantasies were re-opened from their childhoods, and as the teenage boy was writing all this down in his book he realised a unique and priceless treasure was forming together.

He spent weeks looking over everyones dreams, something so surreal and inspiring, and eventually saw a circle of purpose behind these notes. They had collectively created an ecosystem of magic. So he started to write a story, inspired by this collection of dreams.

4 years later and I'm still slaving away over this idea... lol :(
But the more I think about it, the deeper the story becomes, so I'm determined to stick with it.

I'm putting together some character design concepts, and I'll keep everyone updated on my Blog.

Lee and Archie by ~Ludichrist on deviantART

Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you wanna know by ~Ludichrist on deviantART

Something I made in celebration of my new Cintiq.

GOD its nice to finally make something in my spare time. I love working at Krome, but it certainly doesn't allow much time for my own endeavors.

-Just got smacked over the head with the Reality-Hammer-


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