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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are We alone

For all those who are interested, this is my walk cycle for Jane and Terry's Classes. i know, I kinda went over the top, but this is the one I've made for Deviant Art because they don't allow anything under 10 seconds. so I thought I'd dress it up.

Anyways, catch you all later.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I thought I'd just let everyone know that I'm an A Perfect Circle fan. And being the fan that I am, I had to share with you, the greatness that is Maynard James Keenan.

think he's not great... PROVE IT. I'm sure Ian will back me up on this one.

anyways enjoy guys, see you on Monday.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey all, (and especially Nathan) Just strolling the interbuttz this morning and I came across this little gem.
I'm sure we've all heard of stick fighting. It was either invented by bored kids with a vague understanding of flash with no animation talent. Or just some lazy animators. Either way, This animator seems to have taken out two birds with one stone. A first for professional Stick Fighting animation.

Not only that, but ontop of it all he made this animation very intereactive (in the flash version) allowing his audience to take controll of the side scrolling camera (along with the help of the occasional scripted screen shake and cusion effects written into the camera system, which really brings his audience into the action) Ian keeps talking about how young animation. People are coming up with new ways to make this profession more entertaining for the masses, personally I think (for this genre of animation) this is a step in the right direction

This is the Youtube version for those too lazy to venture over to Newgrounds.

For those interested in seeing what you can do with the camera control, and higher Frame Rate (for those with decent computers) here's the Newgrounds link

It's nice to see proper decent animators on newgrounds who give a shit about the profession from time to time.

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Am Satan

Nothing too new, I just thought I'd share with some people some stop motion animation I just stumbled across. don't pay attention to it's name, I doubt it was a banned children cartoon, but its still cool.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wo0o0o, my first 11 second club entry. took me 9 hours to do, and I'm not too happy with it, but with so much else on my plate I think I might leave this one how it is. All you guys should give it a go. Anyways here it is. Enjoy.

11secondclub - Health Problem from Mitchell Druce on Vimeo.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ooooo, I thought you'd all like to see some new stuff of mine. This is one of the forest scenes for my cartoon that I'll be making sometime this year hopefully. Oh course I'll be putting all of this into a 3D environment using aftereffects etc. It'll be way cool, but for now, I only have happy 2D picture... well I say happy I really mean scarey. It's spose to be almost a thriller scene. Oh well I hope you guys like it.

In other news I hired out Tekkonkinkreet tonight so I'll be able to check that out, I'll post up some stuff about it later for you guys to check out. Hopefully I'll find this baby at a JB hi-fi sometime soon, if anyone finds a copy, give me a yell. cya later guys

Friday, April 4, 2008

So, another poll closed. This one about which animation software people liked the most. What scares me is that the poll says people enjoy using frosted buttz more than using adobe after effects and maya. Hmmmm, but on a lighter note, it seems that flash was most popular with traditional animation lurking up behind him... Gay unconcentual abuse of the sexual kind? or Ninja?

But yeah seriously. I can see that people are ejnjoying flash alot so I can understand that. But TRADITIONAL ANIMATION?!?! No offence everyone. But you don't exactly seem like the hard working, day in and day out, no life, about the pull out the shot gun from underneath your lightbox because of all the built up stress type... (apart from Ian. And thats why he's epic) lol but yeah. MAYBE I'm wrong, but I don't see too many people uploading anything onto their blogs unless its nessissary (apart from some people, which is REALLY good). I'm not having a go at anyone. It's just hard to link people who like traditional animation with people who only go for the minimal requirements in work.

Personally I find it a personal enrichment. Instead of playing the latest Wii game, reading the latest Death Note Manga, or even watching the digitally remastered version of AKIRA, I'll pick up the ol' Graphics Tablet and start experimenting. Using my imagination with Ian's, Jane's, and Terry's techniques to start creating my mark on the giant wall amongst all the other animators creativity.

If we're out of school and we've landed ourselves in tafe, the majority of us are around 2 years behind everyone else who's gone straight into Uni, of course we can fight that argument till the cows come home, but lets face it, a Bachellor's Degree in screen: animation sounds sooo much better than a Diploma of screen: animation, and if you're in this course, you've either found yourself in a financial pickle, OR you've missed the mark in landing yourself a position in the Bachellor's Degree.
Maybe it's just me, but I want to put in as much work as possible so I can catch up with the rest of life. I know it's a harsh veiw on life, but is it too far from the truth? I'm aware that this course has what others don't offer, like constant feedback from teachers and a healthier work environment, but it still wont give you the Degree. So instead I have a proposition for all those who actually bother reading my stuff.

***Compensate for the lack of a Bachellor's Degree and the years of work they throw at you at Uni, with the ability to kick animation ass. So every bit of effort counts guys. The Harder we try, the better the chances we have of being the best.***

Yes...No...Maybe? ... Frosted Butts?

Well, being a whole week behind with this piece I managed to make it as nice as possible in one freaken lesson. I hope you guys like it as much as I tried not to fail with it. if that makes any sence.

Old Gregg - Man Or Fish? from Mitchell Druce on Vimeo.


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