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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I know this does not fall under animation but once in a while I find its nice to shake things up a little bit. This originally started out as a 3D reference for Jess' end of year narrative, which I kindly put together for her, and then it turned into an experimental journey into the creative side of Maya.

Sky Pirate from Mitchell Druce on Vimeo.

It is SOOO FREAKING hard to make spheres look like bubbles. Thats right, Jess' sky pirate ships have a bubble exhaust system

Perhaps this developing skill will serve me well with my own end of year narrative ^_^

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Infusing Jason Ryans Tutorial on easing in and easing out with Franks direction towards snowboarding, our beans battle it out to see who's the best snowboarder amongst the rest.

R Jeremy Snowboarder from Mitchell Druce on Vimeo.

I couldn't help but make R Jeremy jiggle at the end.

Friday, March 13, 2009

So. I was the opening piece to a 4-men-1-woman oral presentation. So I thought I'd give people a bit of a show. Sell my idea of great standards in animation to the fellow students of my class. And what better way of elaborating on that then a display of pictures of high standards and quality. But when I show them a whole bunch of slides which looked like they were drawn with my left testicle, I was applauded. Sure I'll take any compliment thrown at me. But I feel like after all the planning of sweet irony, the joke was on me. Should have my intentions been a little more clear? I feel its patronising to explain intellectual humour. I feel alot like Jim Carrey from 'Man on the Moon'

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's Red... It bounces... and it will tear your room a new one if you take it home. will you adopt him today?

Red by ~Ludichrist on deviantART

Moom's Charades

as I play around with different 3D rigs in maya I think to myself how I'm going to plan out my end of year narrative. I've decided to go with moom, he just looks right for my idea. I'm sure alot of hardcore animatiors will argue that it doesn't matter what the rig looks like so long as the animation is good, but I've been thinking and its not just an animation. It's a short story. And since my story has a fair bit of slap-stick humour involved I thought it would be appropriate to use a cartoony looking character.

Imagine if you will, a game of charades that goes out of control. you draw a card, it tells you to act out a scene, but as you begin to express to the others what your trying to act out, it becomes an invisable reality. You lose control of the situation but it most certainly puts the message across. whether that message is juggling chain-saws, stepping in the ring with a heavy weight boxer, or even tap-dancing through a mine field. But just like any looney-tunes-esque short cartoon, the characters will be a-ok by the end of the film no matter how many times they blow up.

but the story is still a work in progress.


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